8 Best Apps to Have on your iPhone

If you own an iPhone, you know that they are capable of so much more than just making phone calls and sending text messages. There are a million different apps available on the App Store, and it can be hard to decide which ones to download. Here is a list of the best apps to have on your iPhone, no matter what your interests are.

8 best apps to have on your iphone right now:

1. Weather:

The season is arguably the best out there the best weather app. It shows you the current weather, 12 weeks, a radar, and other fun stats for the forecast shows that a simple, paginated design features. Along with that, you close the storm so you can see you lightly customizable widgets and severe weather notifications and a radar like the standard stuff of a fairly decent set will get. Your area for two or three minutes, weather updates with a video element too. The UI also navigate to the logical and reasonably easy. Loading during the radar occasionally hangs, but this is usually a contract is not very big.

The free version some lightweight with each feature, inoffensive advertising. Single $1.99 in-app purchase advertising removes. You open up the app when the most likely weather fun facts the limit will enjoy.

2. Google Drive:

Google Drive is a cloud storage solution which is the best available on Android where all new users to permanently sign up to for free 15GB get. If needed you more you can buy. What is Google Drive so special that makes it associated with the upcoming android apps of the suite is. These in Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Photos, Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Keep are included. It’s just a lot of bases on the perimeter, and this just about anyone recommend it impossible to that is not so cheap.
These apps are some of the characteristics of live collaboration include, deep sharing features, Microsoft Office documents, and compatibility. It is easy to use, you your documents to 15gb of free storage, get, and cross-platform support is very good.

3. Google Maps and Waze:

Google Maps virtually the navigation apps scene of owner and it’s never the best Android apps of the remains. It repeatedly gets, only the current features of this incredibly generous to add to the list that seem to almost weekly update. Aside from the very basics, Google Maps you places of interest provides access to, traffic data, rest stops or gas stations, things like instructions, and you offline for use you can download the map.
You own tons of features which includes the Waze experience, are included in, and you A and navigation app will not need. Ever. Google also is the owner and Waze operates we with them writes both navigation apps for Android Auto at work and in general, the car navigation system work better than the.

4. Google Search / Assistant / Feed:

This is a seriously powerful app. It is also the most Android devices it works on. You just download the app download and then enable it. From there, you can ask what you want. It also commands a variety of supports. Your smart home products you can control, not just any question about this ask, and this is also for you simple math problems can. It’s like Google Home speakers, as well as a variety of products is included with.
On the Home screen, a quick launch icon who want their people to a second Google Assistant app too. The hardware of the things money spend, but Google Assistant is free. Amazon Alexa like other decent personal assistants are,

5. last pass:

LastPass those must-have Android apps, is one of the. It you have a safe in your login credentials, save that allows a password manager, safely. On top of it, it’s you your accounts to use on nearly impossible passwords in creating can help. It’s all a master password control with what is. It’s cross-platform support (premium version only) so you have it on the computer can use, mobile devices, tablets, or whatever.

There are other, but LastPass most of the time one step ahead looks. In addition, the premium version reasonably inexpensive. You also add security to it to go with the LastPass Authenticator app can capture. Great password managers for other options here, and some free LastPass alternative new so, more limited free version for you it is not. LastPass also additional security for an authentic app.

6. Microsoft SwiftKey:

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard available is the most powerful and customizable third-party keyboard is one of the. It’s any other keyboard had and the app a lot over the years has grown some, unlike a probability engine with many years ago hit the market. You a penny to pay so you don’t need it free themes with a free download.

The other features a dedicated number row include, gesture typing that allows it to SwiftKey Flow, multiple language support, your library with cross-device syncing, and much more. This keyboard is the place to be in is about as good. This Microsoft now SwiftKey is the owner of that is true, but until now they have this mess to not have managed. Gboard, Google’s keyboard app, is also exceptionally good, and on this list is not the only reason three consecutive Google apps being here is to avoid. Well here are some other great Android keyboard, there are.

7. Nova Launcher:

Initially, we list it on any launcher not to put were going. Nova Launcher normal launchers are out of the expansion is going to be. This year, around to is, this constant has been updated, and thus it is always a great Launcher alternative option is. This ability to backup, including one of the features with the host comes and your home screen set up to restore your Android apps to the top of the icon theming, home screen and app drawer customization for elements, tones, and more. It is an analytical company was purchased by, but so far no bad changes have been.
Even if you want the Pixel Launcher look like Can. Your Premium go up if, your gesture control can take on, apps for unwanted count badges, and icon swipe actions. Easy searching for some these lawnchair Launcher or Hyperion launcher want to try can. Of course, we with it with even more options with the best Android launcher of a list.

8. Podcast Addict:

Podcast Addict podcast for the fans, an excellent podcast app. It’s thinking about you can do almost every podcast features. In addition, it is a simple and effective UI, organizational features plenty, playback and Download features of Plenty, and a a cost premium version. Your categories by iPod browse or individual to them as you can find.

You may also download the rules you can set, ease playlist to make, and it’s Android Auto with Chromecast and SONOS supports both is and OS Wear. UI and settings, we have seen the most beautiful things are not. However, the app literally we can think of is every other box by hitting it makes for. Membership a few extra features to unlock, but you have to get rid of ads can 2 to 2.99, and that is very reasonable.


In conclusion, the best apps to have on your iPhone are the ones that make your life easier and more enjoyable. There are a variety of great apps out there, so find the ones that work best for you and download them today. Your iPhone will thank you.

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