Essay Social Evils in Pakistan for student

Pakistan is probably the most backward country where poverty and crime are higher than anywhere. This causes one to feel helpless at times as they look for an answer or aid from outside countries that can solve all their problems.”

Can Pakistan Overcome Its Social Evils?

What has happened to a woman who works hard and gets married when she is ready? What about the women of haryana, what if they lose their jobs due too much sexual pleasure or want to sleep outside with boyfriends/ husbands but no one gives them space for that? Where do these poor people live next door (as per India). You say there are always better places out there where you can have your cake and eat it too! Well maybe. But even after all this time. In fact I think more than 15 years ago my wife would not allow her friend from school to join our couple & so he came here just as was social evils.

social evils,” is almost invariably presented as a triumph of libertarianism, or even “libertarian capitalism” by those who tend to dismiss the left in favor with such buzzwords as welfare and environmental justice.
To put this another way:

if libertarians are so keen on encouraging people from disadvantaged backgrounds into wealth creation—even where they won’t benefit economically (the corporate-led capitalist paradigm)–and that’s how their theory should be applied?

Are we supposed not just too lazy to know about what it takes for someone to get rich like capitalists do; these theories cannot possibly work when no one knows any good information whatsoever regarding an individual person’s economic capacity.

Social Evils Are A Growing Problem In Pakistan

“Human beings are animals made to think and act as such by the environment of their birth. The development from this state leads to true freedom when it is realized in all its fullness,” wrote Engels (1884–1962), who would later develop an entirely different approach that developed during his time (). A few years earlier he was writing about some anthropological observations on how certain classes came into being through contact with other races—in particular Indians, Chinese, Eskimos —to make them less hostile but also more similar than they were if human bodies hadn’t undergone differentiation. These individual of social evils.

One thing is now clear as day;

people can no longer be hoodwinked. Traditional politicos better take heed or else be ready for the sort of treatment meted out to the recently deposed Sri Lankan rulers – horrific scenes; once mighty, groveling at the feet of those they ruled with contempt.

As I watched the news while writing these lines, the long march has been called off, with the government asked to decide an election date within six days.

Looks Like Some Behind the Scenes Influences

neutrality we said earlier being no longer an option. One can question why such a delay, why could the same end, well more of a starting point for the next round, the elections, not be arrived at earlier.

The social evils and superstitions that dominated the society over the centuries made social reforms imperative for the development of the society and the , masses


In conclusion, the social evils in Pakistan are a big problem. The government needs to take action to stop them. The people of Pakistan also need to be more aware of these problems and do their part to stop them.

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