How Technology Affects Our Lives Essay

In the 21st century, technology is everywhere. It surrounds us and affects our lives in many ways. Some people believe that technology has a negative effect on our lives, while others believe that it has a positive effect. In this article, we will explore both sides of the argument and try to come to a conclusion about how technology affects our lives.

With technology :

I also entertainment with all kinds has been provided. In online conversations to have been able, My favorite the videos, and audio in some of the download, and entertainment of various other types enjoy. However, technology also especially when it’s privacy issues when it comes to a negative effect is proven. I once hacked into my private social account was and someone said that my details and get them to disperse (Youn, 2009). It was embarrassing because this information is very personal was. I never known that what I have done so, but this made me such events cautious about and is made in the on the internet such information to ensure the safety of the ways I’ve learned.

Therefore, this kind of new technology of a person’s privacy can have a negative impact is. New technologies to use, how to understand when it is necessary to ensure that your personal information full control of the are. Criminals without your permission to obtain information makes it difficult.

New technology:

Internet, social programs in the form of May, which is the people the same within the network or in the network to communicate allows. These emails include, online chatting services, and games. The web camera also video calling or conferencing facility can be used for. An excellent example is Skype, which is people from around the world easily and effectively able to communicate makes. In this technology, many have benefited, because in different parts of the world from friends and family members and keep in touch need me like this technology about is questioned.

Other technologies :

Other technologies Bluetooth technology and wireless technology are included. This technology wired connection without the need for information transfer or exchange of the facility (wireless). This technology has made information transfer easier and more efficient have made.

Wi-Fi is a technology in which the wireless functionality is included. In general this technique of using the internet to connect and my internet experience of a surprise is made. Download information faster, never has been.

Back to the privacy issue, most people agree that every person in your privacy has the right. Some people also say that to every human being the right to privacy is. It is a fundamental human right. On the internet privacy computer privacy of a sub-group forms (Larose & Rifon, 2007).

Unfortunately, in this field, many professionals from the privacy of being on the do not believe. Steve Rambam explain it. He said that online put things deliberately personal information broadcast is similar to that described. Therefore, accordingly, any personal information access is then no blame is not.

Own it in every situation seen. However, Bruce share I hope this provides a glimpse of that this matter was discussed that these people’s personal information by violations of the need to guard who had access to information, are capable of (Larose & Rifon, 2007).

The government protect people’s privacy is sought. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), such a one is a government organization (Heyman & Pierson, 2011). This online while someone’s Social Security number to protect stressed the need. In this regard, the announcement may be a technology that is in some ways helpful to be, but, at the same time harmful. However, each carefully consider is when, in the technology world to live a better place to make will continue.


In conclusion, technology has had a profound effect on our lives. It has made us more connected and efficient, but it has also created new challenges that we need to address. We need to be careful not to let technology control us, but to use it in a way that enhances our lives.

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