How to Be a Tech Guru or Tech Geek?

Are you passionate about all things tech? Do you love finding new ways to use technology to improve your life and the lives of those around you? If so, you may be a tech guru or tech geek.

Here are some tips on how to be a Tech Guru or Tech Geek:

Hang out with tech gurus

They are the brightest hung out with as Big Bang Theory penny series across Smart did not get? It’s far from the reality may not be far off. It’s no secret that our friends influence our behavior are. The famous motivational speaker Jim Rohn once you most hang out with five people on average have said that. Therefore, if you are tech gurus encircled with take what you most know, don’t you think that you something from them learn it?

If you have immediate area, not a friend are you on “tech gurus” will consider if the internet is here for you. Across the internet blogs and forums plenty of you techies to network with and learn from them to give a chance. These 10 computer powered by start.

Practice your analytical skills

One can’t argue with that are all the tech guru of a likeness: he’s analytics field and understand these skills to apply the know how. Practice and strong with education, you also talented Data Analyst can become. Your a teacher-find one can start, such as peer, colleague, or teacher who you Analytics of basic things to understand in might help.

If you really serious about if you are analytics into your master of Science get to go to school to consider. Such program you will teach that how big data to analyze the data, understand the ways, and their ideas to business methods to integrate you into the tech kind of work in the land of help to you who have always dreamed.

Get serious about math

You a real technology guru want to be, then the computer and technology you understand a lot of math to understand will come from. But it’s just algebra and statistics, with good to achieve is not about that. Tech guru binary code need to understand. This is because” computer language ” in binary code is written, so it is important that your computer system more complex tasks dig in to try before you understand it are.

Discover, play, and experience

A technology become a guru necessary for years, a lecture hall, sitting in the mean is not. Tech gurus, a lot of self-taught. With determination, you yourself all about technology also can teach. You always textbooks or online guides such as blog posts or eBooks can start with, but you’re there the fun can not finish. Computers and other tech ins and outs of learning to face it is more about, so you test for what I’ve learned to put, do not be afraid.


In conclusion, being a tech guru or tech geek is not as difficult as it may seem. By following the tips and tricks in this article, you can easily become a tech guru or tech geek in no time. So what are you waiting for? Start following these tips and start your journey to becoming a tech guru or tech geek today.

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