How To Make A Gig On Fiverr

Would you like to know how to get your first Fiverr gig? This guide’s simple, step-by-step instructions and accompanying pictures will demonstrate how to implement it.

The largest and most popular freelance marketplace is called.


fiverr After joining Fiverr you have the choice to be a seller or a buyer.

Every day, tens of thousands of customers use Fiverr to hire freelancers. Additionally, Favre claims a gig is bought every two or three seconds. So, Fiverr is usually the best place to start if you’ve never made a dime online.

The term “Fiverr gig” refers to a service you offer on the platform that gives you the opportunity to showcase your special skills and demonstrate to potential clients that you are truly capable of fulfilling the service you offer. are eligible. Most of your clients are outsiders, so the main way for them to find out about your quality is through your gig.

How To Start A Fiverr Gig:

It’s time to create your first gig on Fiver now that you’ve registered a seller profile. You can use a gig as a job description to advertise your services to potential clients. You must fill in the necessary details regarding your services for each gig.

Create A Gig:

The review field is the first one you need to complete after clicking “create a new gig

Information is required from you in the following areas:

1.Tell potential clients what you have to offer according to the gig title.
2.Choose a category and subcategory that best describes the service you provide.
3.Select the type of service you want to provide to users.

Pricing a bundle often works as follows:

  • Give the segment a name in the “Name your bundle” section. Give each of these three sections a different name if you decide to use them. Basic package, standard package, and premium package, for example.
  • Specify the services you will provide to customers and select a delivery time. Conveyance time ought to either stay steady or increment.
  • Select the total price of each component in ascending order, along with the number of revisions you can offer the buyer.
  • You have the option to add additional services or omit them entirely.

FAQs And A Description:

Give the best possible description of your gig in the description field. Fill out the Frequently Asked Questions section with answers to questions you believe the customer may have about the products or services you provide.


This section contains the information you want to give the buyer before the project begins.

Add photos or videos that are relevant to the gig you created. To promote your gig, you can create a video or get free stock photos.


Click “Publish” when you’ve entered all the gig details and are satisfied with how it looks. When you do, the gig will be accessible to buyers and go live.

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Professional Guidance:

To create an interesting description that attracts potential customers, keep the following in mind:

You just have 80 characters, so use them astutely and ensure it’s basic and succinct. You want potential customers to understand exactly what you are offering. Additionally, make your writing unique by keeping the title close to the original.


Fiverr will automatically suggest a few categories and subcategories based on your title, and usually one of them will match your offer. However, if none are suitable, you are free to choose from a wide range of choices from their drop-down menu. The category and subcategory that best suits your gig.

Search Tags:

Place your terms here. There are a few important considerations to make when completing the scope and cost section.

Number Of Packages:

You don’t have to use all three packages, but many customers appreciate the additional premium alternatives, so provide them when you can. Also, Fiverr claims that those who provide triple gig packages can earn up to 64% more per purchase.

Your Package’s Name:

Make sure the distinction between each of your bundles is clear and choose an attention-grabbing title for each.

Briefly describe each package and your rationale for including them. Since there are only 100 characters available, you’ll have to think outside the box to convey what you want. Just be sure that any potential customer can understand the product.

Delivery Time:

The amount of time it will take you to complete a project. This can vary significantly across packages depending on the nature of the work.

How often will you revise your work at the buyer’s request? Additional revisions are often available in premium products.

Each package can cost between $5 and $995. Always price your premium package higher than your basic plan.

My Gig Extras:

In this section, you can add whatever extras you want to your packages for a price. Extra Fast Delivery and Extra Revision are two frequently used extras that can be selected from the menu. Fiverr makes it easy to build your extras if you want to add one but it’s not already accessible. Simply enter the title, description and price of the gig extra by clicking the “+ Add Gig Extra” button under “My Gig Extras”.

Gig Photos:

These are usually included in the catalog, especially if the service being offered is graphic or web design. Include a photo even if the job isn’t photo-related, like a writing gig.

Gig Videos:

With the exception of gigs in the animation and video categories, adding a gig video is optional, even if they’re useful. Fiverr claims that gigs with videos benefit from 200% higher orders and 40% higher customer engagement rates. Videos cannot be longer than 75 seconds or contain personal information.

It just needs to be published by clicking the “Publish Gig” button. When your gig is on the web, you can without much of a stretch advance it on Facebook or Twitter by tapping on the connection gave. It’s a good idea to consider this alternative because, according to Fiverr, gigs promoted through social media are three times more likely to sell.

Not Enough Orders Or Sales On Fiverr?

If so, improving your Fiverr gig description is one of the most important things you can do.

Having a great gig description is crucial for sellers on Fiverr. As a result, you will be able to sell more products. The most important component of your entire Fiverr gig is your gig description. It should be well written and interesting because this is what customers look for to recognize what you have to offer.

  • Remember to keep your description short.
  • Highlight your unique features.
  • Describe your professional background here if you don’t have Fiverr stats or social proof yet.
  • Be specific with your offer.
  • Use lists and bullet points.
  • Think of your audience as buyers.
  • Use strong verbs and direct words.
  • In your gig description, mention a call to action.
  • Make sure your spelling and punctuation are correct.

You can use the tips in this guide to design successful gigs on Fiverr or any other freelance platform, do some online reading on how to become a successful freelancer, and get professional help. Can check the Fiverr forums.

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