Professional Whatsapp Tricks ( Topic boys)

Professional Whatsapp Hacker ( Topic boys)

WhatsApp is the most popular app used for messaging through internet support. Different versions of WhatsApp are used by servers according to their interesting features. Some common WhatsApp types are Messenger WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, and business WhatsApp, etc. GB and FM WhatsApp have more interesting features than Messenger WhatsApp and business WhatsApp.

Usually, WhatsApp is used for messaging. Where servers can share chat, text, audio/video media, and voice notes to the right person for effective communication. WhatsApp depends on the availability of the internet for sending messages. Therefore, you can enjoy many other things with your monthly WhatsApp package. That is why users rely on WhatsApp messaging instead of text on a SIM or number. About 450 million servers are using WhatsApp monthly.

In short, WhatsApp provides many benefits to its users. All online work depends on WhatsApp. WhatsApp, especially in the conditions of covid-19, played an important role in involving people in their loved ones, the public in its community, workers in their firms, students in their institutions, etc. WhatsApp has proven to be the best solution for effective communication for the business community. You can even run your WhatsApp on a PC, laptop, or smartphone.

Brilliant tips and tricks for WhatsApp 2023:

As we are familiar with WhatsApp the popular and largely running Messenger app used on Android devices, the invention of Android handsets and smart cell phones, as well as the use of social networks websites and messenger applications have increased.

Everyone likes to run smart cell phones because of their functions such as good camera results, full touch Assistant, large storage capacity, fast internet with 3G, and 4g assistance, and its huge application store that offers multiple apps according to the requirements/requirements of the servers.

Android gadgets in spite offer smart functions at an economical price in addition we can play several tricks to enjoy the amazing features that work in smartphones. As WhatsApp is, consider the huge famous Messenger application for Android phones due to WhatsApp hacks and various secrets about strategies.

Through the use of these smooth and easy still amazing WhatsApp tricks, we can easily run various latest features that are not specifically offered by WhatsApp. WhatsApp usually offers features such as Sharing files, voice/video calls, chatting and group chat, etc.

But due to some restrictions overall, we run tips to develop distinguished use of substances either we have already shared several WhatsApp hacks in different articles. Here you will see the entire index of prominent WhatsApp tips and tricks.


Twofold WhatsApp account on one device:

It is manageable to build two WhatsApp with the support of our stunning WhatsApp spoofs. The WhatsApp administrative application does not allow you to automatically run dual WhatsApp but your handset assistance doubled SIM form.

Still, it is feasible with third-force applications support. Whether you also want to like twice as much WhatsApp on your smartphone gadget. Later you should follow a replete bit-by-bit manual for twofold WhatsApp to run it.

How to run a twofold WhatsApp account on one device?

Trick number 1

Twofold WhatsApp account through the use of WhatsApp solo: WhatsApp Solo is a wonderful application. Through its use, you can easily design an additional WhatsApp account on one device. It offers a status bar that changes color in Lollipop and icon technology. It has excellent anti-ban application features.

Essential to design an account on WhatsApp solo:

  • First of all, you should install the application and download it to your smartphone.
  • Proceed with the previous tricks to create a WhatsApp account. Don’t run a single contact number to design another account.
  • Whether you have several problems later you will have to back up and delete the original WhatsApp and download the application later.

Fold WhatsApp through the use of OG WhatsApp. :

  • First you should back up your messages via WhatsApp setting you should go to WhatsApp setting, later chat setting, and finally backup chat.
  • Later you should go to your Android Settings, then arrive on the app, and finally on WhatsApp and press on it and click on the Clear Data option.
  • Currently, go to your WhatsApp, if it is located on mobile storage and SD card, then it was converted to OG WhatsApp.
  • Uninstall your original WhatsApp.
  • Immediately you have to install the app and download it to your smartphone later.
  • Design your account later like a spoof.
  • Install the original WhatsApp and create your previous account. So, you will run a twofold account.

Shift the WhatsApp account further through a device:

If you bought a new smartphone and want to transfer your WhatsApp account to a new one via the previous handset. Proceed with this mockery before downloading WhatsApp to your new handset later.

  • Open the file manager of your old smartphone.
  • Discover WhatsApp later and unlock it.
  • After discovering the database file and copy the entire file to your computer.
  • Download WhatsApp on the new handset and copy entire files to the database.

Install WhatsApp on a computer and laptop:

With BlueStacks, WhatsApp can be played on computers and laptops. And the second trick to using WhatsApp on a computer is the web version.

Change WhatsApp font: WhatsApp currently allows its servers to erase variations in font size even if you text your friends. But many servers are not familiar with this satire. You can make your font bold or oblique.

Bold: place your text type asterisk (*symbol) on both corners.

Oblique: type the underscore (~sign) on the left and right sides to convert your text to oblique.

Strikethrough: type tiles on both sides of your message.

Mention shortcuts through long chat:

This is the very trick where you highlight the previous text and then add some titles. Therefore, just click long hold on the special message then you can easily mention this message.

Hide your DP on WhatsApp:

Often we are not willing to display our DP on unknown contacts. So here’s the procedure to make your DP invisible to unknown contacts.

  • Open your WhatsApp Settings.
  • Here you will find the privacy bar.
  • Press Privacy later, and you will find several privacy buttons.
  • View profile photo buttons.
  • Immediately you can make your DP invisible by clicking on any option.

WhatsApp account locking:

You can save your WhatsApp from your friends and relatives by locking your WhatsApp. You just need to set a password for this. So the process is here.

  • Download chat and Messenger lock.
  • Later you can lock WhatsApp Messenger with a robotic lock running different passwords.

Deleted text recovery on WhatsApp:

You can retrieve your deleted messages with the backup option. You can recover deleted texts by reinstalling your WhatsApp. You will suggest restoring your deletion media when downloading just you have to press OK. Reinstalling later will allow you to get your deleted data.

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