Six Best Unknown Apps For android

Google Play Store has an endless supply of free and paid Android apps. Users can download any kind of application from the Google Play Store, which is a safe place to do so. There are many different types of entertainment applications to consider. If you want, you can always download and install best unknown apps for android available on PlayStore apk.

So, if you want to install these unknown apps on your Android phone, then you need to check the list of banned Android apps that I have included below.

1. Barinsta:

If you don’t want to publish or share stories on Instagram but still need to keep track of people and content, you now have an option: Barinsta is a beautiful client that gives you more control over your data. Lets you browse Instagram.


  • You don’t need to be logged in to see public profiles’ timelines and Facebook tagged posts, hashtags, and locations.
  • Browse and download articles.
  • Copy and paste comments, captions and bios.
  • Easily zoom in on photos.
  • Then download bulk posts from feeds (hold and select).
  • To make finding profiles easier, mark them as favorites.
  • Custom themes and layouts available!
  • To like a post on Barinsta, you have to click on it. You can also access favorite posts from your profile on Barinsta.

2. GCAM:

The default camera application on specific gadgets running unadulterated Android, for example, Pixel telephones and the uncommon Android One, is Google’s camera, frequently known as Google Camera or all the more regularly GCAM.

Moreover, unknown apps that are not on the Play Store are quite popular in the GCam community. Some users install it even if it is not the default camera on their smartphone because it often enhances the image output due to the software that Google has worked into the application, especially in post-processing.

This has resulted in increasing number of users using this app instead of their phone’s default app on a daily basis. And now I’m going to teach you how to get the most out of the app.


  • Multiple snippets in a video feature that has been accessible on many mobile phones for a long time. However, we will inform you so that you are familiar with all the features of the application.
  • Quickly view your photos or videos by swiping from the right side of the screen to the left to get a quick glimpse of the gallery. Plus it’s as easy as swiping right to left to access a video or photo you’ve taken. Isn’t it easy and fast?
  • Panoramic photography is one of the most exciting alternatives for landscape photographers. Just choose the panoramic option and follow the on-screen instructions to learn how it works.
  • When capturing videos, taking a snapshot is a really simple technique, but it doesn’t require knowledge. It takes photos while recording video. As a result, even while shooting video, you won’t miss any photo opportunities.
  • Portrait mode mimics what a professional camera produces when capturing a portrait with wide focus points on the lens. That is, it emphasizes the foreground subject while blurring the background. By going to Image, you can blur the background and give your photos a more professional look.
  • Finally, there’s HDR Plus, which is also available in the Ultra Cam edition and helps you get the perfect shot in challenging lighting settings. You can enable HDR+ control from More y Advanced, and you can turn it on and off from the camera.

Here are my recommendations for getting the most out of GCam.

  • Allows for a self-paced viewing experience: you don’t need your fingers to “have” a narrative!
  • This is not a web application: apart from login, no browser is used.
  • Passwords are not stored on our servers!
  • This is not a mod: Instagram app is not required.

3. GitHub:

Every week, the GitHub Mobile team adds new features, fixes bugs, and improves GitHub Mobile Unknown apps for iOS and Android. They must ensure that the final product is built correctly, that all written tests have passed, and that any significant defects have been ironed out through testing before issuing a release to customers. What’s more, this application gives discharge takes note of that detail the progressions made since our last update. This large number of undertakings can take a great deal of time.

Features Of GitHub:

  • This anonymous app keeps everyone on the same page and organized. For example, issue and pull request locking lets the team focus on code.
  • Organizations can use pull requests to test, develop, and submit new code. Before modifying the source code, team members can use them to discuss any implementations and recommendations.
  • Packages can be shared privately, within a team, or to the open source community. We can download packages from GitHub and reuse or reuse them.
  • GitHub uses specific technologies to find and test code flaws that traditional tools miss. From start to finish, development teams around the world collaborate to secure the software supply chain.
  • All code and documentation available in one place. Accordingly on GitHub, there are a huge number of vaults, each with its own arrangement of instruments for facilitating and delivering code.

4. SnapTube:

SnapTube is a popular Android video downloader app. Videos are available for download in 4K, and 1080p UHD formats. You can download MP3 files from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Vimeo and other sites. Thus it is the easiest way to get videos from websites.

However, this app is one of the most popular tools to download videos and music from websites like Dailymotion, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, Soundcloud, Metacafe, and several other multimedia sites.


  • MP3 files can be downloaded directly.
  • Download in various sizes including 4K.
  • Download videos in MP4 and FLV formats as well as AAC audio files.
  • Better techniques for downloading.
  • Safe and clean.
  • To convert the files to the desired formats, search for videos using the terms MP3 Media Converter.
  • Use an MP3 media converter to manage video downloads, to convert files to desired formats.

5. Bromite:

Bromite is based on the Chromium API project and is maintained by independent developers, so it looks and works exactly like the Chrome browser. As a result, you can expect no slowdown in browsing performance. With the inclusion of a high-speed ad-blocking engine, the software aims to provide a clutter-free surfing experience without privacy-invasive features.

Mods are robust programs that preserve the original essence of secret apps while adding features that are in high demand.

Features :

  • An ad blocker is built-in.
  • Blockers for pop-up windows.
  • Tracking codes are disabled.
  • AMP pages are not available.
  • Code patches improve privacy.
  • Since it is based on the Chromium project, it has the same fast surfing speed and UI as the Chrome browser.
  • It uses Google’s Blink engine, it also has fast browsing speed.
  • Using code patches.

6. Popcorn Time:

(Unknown app that compromised Netflix shut down)

Popcorn Time Unknown Apps Pop Corn Time, the once popular app that made it as easy as watching pirated movies and TV series on Netflix, has been shut down.

Also, the app came out in 2014 and within a year became one of the most popular platforms to get unauthorized video content. In a financial report released in 2015, Netflix Inc. warned investors about the rise of popcorn time, and CEO Reed Hastings said, “Piracy is one of our biggest competitors.”

This application is also a third party application that provides entertainment and entertainment to the users. By installing and enrolling in this wonderful program, you can easily download or stream any type of movie or TV show.

In summary, all the applications mentioned above are useful and each has its own features. These best unknown apps for android improve your experience as they are designed with features that make the app and its functions more user-friendly. However, as a result, it was removed from the App Store. I hope you found this article about downloading “unknown apps” useful. Leave a comment and keep visiting.


In conclusion, these are some of the best unknown apps for Android that are definitely worth checking out. With so many great features and functions, these apps can definitely help to make your life a lot easier. So why not give them a try today? You may be surprised at how much you like them!

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