Six Secret Android Apps For Pro Users

As the smartphone market continues to grow, so does the number of Android apps. And while there are a lot of great apps for casual users, there are also a number of apps that are geared towards more pro users. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Android apps for pro users.

 1. Mind Leak:  (Use Apps Less)

The first app on our list of secret Android apps is the Mind Leak app. This app will alert you when you have been using a particular app for a long time. This is what I call a mind leak. When this happens, the app will show a picture of you looking at your phone (or staring at another person) as a reminder that your thoughts have expanded. This will allow you to spend less time on apps you don’t want to use. This is the best secret app for pro users.

What’s more, reduce your screen time and stop doom scrolling! While looking at yourself in the mirror may seem silly at first, it’s actually very effective in reducing the amount of time you spend procrastinating. It’s a fun way to challenge social media’s addictive algorithms, embrace digital simplicity, or start a digital detox.

This secret Android app has no ads or analytics, and the app is entirely based on user generosity. Your information is secure; It will only be saved locally and will never be shared.

2. MotionCam:

Motion Cam is a relatively new program on the market that allows us to take photos and record movies in RAW format. This article focuses on another method of recording from our mobile devices, especially those running Android. As a result, to record like a pro, we must first examine the process.

Motion Cam is a new way to record and film all kinds of video, replacing many of the formats we’re used to on our mobile devices.

Despite the fact that the authors and developers of MotionCam did not include a detailed list of minimum requirements that a mobile device (in this case with an Android operating system) must meet in order to work and function properly. It is necessary. These secret Android apps are a must for pro users.

The storage space of our mobile device is an important consideration in motion cam application requirements. This secretive app is notorious for using a variety of formats while recording movies and taking photos. This format is known as RAW, and is much heavier than other mobile formats.

3. App Clone:

You can install two versions of the same program at the same time.

1) create multiple clones of the same software, each with its own set of options;

2) Maintain two versions of the same app: one that is up-to-date and one that is outdated.

3) Clone a program and rename it to prevent it from receiving updates.

Why “Clone” an App?

Using multiple accounts is the most common reason for copying or duplicating Android apps. More applications now allow you to sign in with multiple accounts, but there are still some that don’t. Two notable examples are Snapchat and WhatsApp.

Also, when you clone an app you create an exact duplicate that can be used by yourself. This means you can log in with one account on one version and with another account on another. Even if these secret Android apps support multiple accounts, thus switching between them can be easy.

You can also clone an app to create a different version for a child or someone else using your Android smartphone. Having two versions of the same program can sometimes increase your productivity.

 4. STFO:

STFO is a “smart notification manager” that enables you to set up unique filter rules for notifications on your phone, allowing you to see only the alerts you want to receive while filtering them out. Things you don’t see.

You’re working when your phone rings, and you get sidetracked. However, using the STFO app, you can set rules to silence all offer alerts and only notify you when there is an urgent message that you must respond to.

You can either create custom rules for alerts and filter out the ones you don’t want, or you can choose from a list of pre-made universal rules.

Let’s talk about some features of this app:

  • This element keeps a similar application from conveying cautions.
  • Changes the notification to make the content of the notification invisible to others.
  • Automatically reply to notices.
  • Customize your notification vibration or sound alerts.
  • Allow blocking of alerts that meet the criteria of your rules.
  • Automatically tap on a notification.
  • Keep reminding you of important warnings until you ignore them.
  • Automatically dismiss the notification.

5. ScreenshotGo:

Can’t seem to find your screenshots? ScreenshotGo lets you search your screenshots by text and gives you a quick summary of all your screenshots in an easy-to-find format.

  • With Search, you can quickly locate screenshots

The text of all your screenshots will be automatically indexed and searchable, so you can easily find the screenshots you want by typing keywords into the search field. It’s worth noting that screenshots without text will not appear in search results.

  • Easily locate screenshots
  • The main panel attractively displays your collections, allowing you to scan and discover the latest ones. You can also import and search your existing screenshots from the gallery. Don’t worry, it won’t copy images and therefore won’t take up much space.
  • Screenshots in a Variety of Formats

Choose the one that suits your needs with constant notification and hardware key support.

  • Organize Yourself

After taking a screenshot, you’ll be able to organize it into the collection you’ve created. As a result, you can always go back and explore your screenshots easily.

  • Take Text-Based Action

With the Screenshot Text Scanner button, you can extract text from screenshots with a single press and then copy the text for use in other apps like Google Lens, such as searching for items, sharing quotations, opening links, etc.

6. IAntiTheft:

The best anti-theft alarm security app for your phone is iAntiTheft.

It has many features to keep your phone safe from criminals.

With Anti-Theft, you can always protect your phone from theft, thanks to four powerful security modes:

Power: When the power cord is unplugged, it triggers an alert.

When the gadget is moved to another location, it generates a theft alert.

It triggers an alert when the phone is taken out of the pocket.

AirPods: It sounds an alert when the earphone is unplugged.

Features include:-

Device passcode, TouchID, and FaceID integration.
The maximum volume control is auto-locked.
Run in background with option to lock screen.
From the Notification Center, support the Today widget.
The UI/UX is all around planned and simple to utilize.

Smart Feature:
  • Allows you to simply tap and let us determine which mode is best for you.
    Anti-theft also detects when you make a phone call or engage Siri…
  • In such situations, safety measures do not seem to be a warning.
  • After the phone conversation is over, simply return your gadget to its original state.


In conclusion, Android apps for pro users can be extremely helpful in a number of different ways. From managing finances to keeping track of important appointments, these apps can help keep you organized and on track. With so many different options available, there’s sure to be an app that’s perfect for you. So why not give them a try?

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