Top 5 Educational Blogs You Must Follow

There are countless educational blogs out there, but which ones are the best? This is a question that we get asked a lot. To save you the trouble of sifting through all of the options, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 educational blogs that you must follow. Trust us, these are the cream of the crop and will provide you with endless amounts of useful information.

Education of a person personality in determining the most important factor. It empowers and knowledge in search of personal and professional life strong. In this article in academic blogs will be discussing.

Reading books today for children a thing of the past has become the internet from your to get the information you prefer. As a result, blogs, learning and various topics on current stay of a great but less defined the way they are. Experts writing blogs and routinely update them. Your child stay informed and perspectives of a diversity to get blogs to read A may be the best way, and the knowledge quickly.

This way the Internet of growing with the use, education, and more throughout the world has become. People from around the world can easily communicate and physical as B to exist without on any topic of their knowledge they can share.

Here’s five incredibly useful educational blogs who are students and teachers or any of their knowledge to expand can read:

1. MindShift: (KQED News of the part)

MindShift today’s students to meet the needs of education for methods that are changing how the future of education and explores. Also read: children in the life of the improvement to take the necessary measures

Their goal of the 21st century classrooms in thriving in the students and teachers to assist, it is a learning adventure on people of all ages to take!

Furthermore, this education blog education in today’s classrooms and beyond, is developing that examine how. MindShift education on the unique perspective to offer the dedication with your eyes opens. Teachers, parents, and lifelong learning their audience make up.

2. The Innovative Educator:

Innovative teacher educational technology development covers and it’s better prepare students to be used that is how an excellent educational blog.

Modern BlogBasically, Lisa Nelson, Innovative Educator of the founder, the current educational system on its share ideas. She’s the real world for the success of the students for the preparation of the creative point of view, which gives a public school teacher. This site readers fresh, practical teaching concepts, and schools of technology in the influence of analysis is introduced with, and learning to improve the environment of ideas for presents.

The modern educator in the classroom using technology not only to the general concepts, but today’s education system in the education-tech aggregate on the details discussed.

3. Moonpreneur:

Moonpreneur your child’s education to issues, news, research, trends, and other related information, as well as entrepreneurship education succeeded them that can help discuss on how. Their patent-pending, 4-Stage curriculum to children potential academics helps. In addition, career options and their interests and skills by growing the best departments of development. Their project-based learning and product development experiences of their future works for them well developed.

MoonpreneurArt, e-commerce, creative writing, entrepreneurship, and other topics a final product in a concept to change the parts all connect to in order to help them in the program are covered.

Moonpreneur such artificial intelligence as the students prepare for the future skills education is focused on, robotics, app development, game development, home automation, and more, with this, with them, in fact, an idea to turn it takes to understand to try to help as.

4. Edutopia:

Technology can change how the articles on thousands of Edutopia can be found on. Their goal for the future, all the students have to prepare.

The latest evidence-based teaching methods on the articles and videos in the debate is, along with her home and in the classroom children to engage about tips.

The objective of this real-world continuous to learn how to show people that.

This educational blog content focused on making, which makes students more effectively helps to learn while their engagement also increases.

Project-based learning, integrated studies, comprehensive assessment, teacher development, social and emotional learning, educational leadership, and technology integration Edutopia’s covered by the basic themes of the are.

5. EdSurge:

EdSurge for educators top educational technology resources, entrepreneurs, and investors. They own for those learning the best products to find the teachers do help. In addition, they are teachers and students need to produce the developers encourage, and growing industry in order to understand the help investors.

BlogEdSurge educators is a group, storytelling, and technologist. In the future, teaching and learning system will form that the ideas and technologies of research on the study provide.

Teachers and primary working in educational administrators, secondary, and high levels of classrooms education technology in recent developments are aware of. This is the current education news is included, with job openings information about as, upcoming events, and new research.

In the end, all the blogs for parents and children must read which are educational trends want to know. If you go online to learn new if you are, these 5 blogs to start very good are. However, our top five list that did not many blogs, despite the educational system, the improvement of cooperation in the are.


In conclusion, following any one of these educational blogs is guaranteed to give you a new perspective and some interesting insights. So choose the blog that interests you the most and get started on your journey to becoming a more well-rounded individual.

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