When Technology and Humanity Cross Reflection

When technology and humanity cross, it is not always easy to tell where one ends and the other begins. We are becoming more and more reliant on technology in our everyday lives, and there is no turning back now. As we continue to blur the lines between what is human and what is machine, it is important to take a step back and reflect on what this means for our future.

Deragon as humanity defines

“the quality or the human state of being, human nature. Human nature” (Deragon) thinking, feeling and acting methods, including inherent distinguishing characteristics, a set of that concept. Francis Fukuyama, a famous American intellectual, “human nature us a moral sense gives what is, society to live in social skills provides us with is” (Garreau 162). Humanity of features to feel the heart of the capabilities include, creation and love, however, it is also necessary to such suffering as appreciate which are not features include, age, and incomplete being. These natural human features all of the human nature of the exciting diversity which make up the unique people of the formation.

Technology is ” people for their own purposes in accordance to the natural world, revised how… Usually this process and knowledge of the diverse collection meant that those human capabilities, enhance and human to meet the requirements for use and wants” (ITEA). Garreau, according to the technical innovations of the curve scenario, because most humans want in life which the maximum benefits granted in which new discoveries rapidly accelerating (80-81). Garreau these emerging innovations refers to smile technologies – as genetics, robotics, information technology and nano-process – revised and humans and Human Nature change, which (4). This technical innovations” live in is used for a humans very different from in the world are increasing ” (Garreau 59) it many ways humanity from the effects of as.

Man these technical innovations .

many of Seize because almost all of the technology life more enjoyable and easy to make is created (Peru). Many future innovations to improve and “better humans create” focus on are (Garreau 22-23). For example, genetic as humans, the nature of the modification and the technique of implantation, which in humans human memory expansion or those rare human characteristics to an end is being developed, which is the more perfect are willing to make.

Although the technology life easier is making and human desires become a reality in help giving is long, it is said that it is the “humanity of the course will change” (Peru), the most negative manner. Technology, which is more than fast, easy and convenient to accomplish the task that is growing, therefore, the future of Bill Joy’s idea, in turn, where humans don’t need (Enoch). Technology of new developments to eliminate or humans to non-human becoming and human dignity is lost, which can in humans, the natural features in some of the change to start, as you are the human characteristics also forget is likely to be (Garreau 55). In addition, the physical form can change the technology that man human nature, the diversity of which form the distinguishing features resulting from a lack of perfection of a similar sense to fit them to change the look of it may cause.

Thus, the technology humanity affects because it is human features is changing. Technology and the impact it is that the moral sense of humanity about the issues and problems to the moral sense as the change could “…The rights to as a land works, justice, and ethics” (Garreau 162). Furthermore, Biotechnology, the use of ethics-related issues can lead to. As a result, the technology pessimistic Fukuyama future is concerned about them believe that all humanity will be lost (Enoch). Although the technology of humans there are many benefits to technology, the rapid development of humanity the concept of affects.

However, this exponential innovation of humanity as a part of can be considered. Mihail si. The National Science Foundation Roco sees “all human wisdom convergence of not less than the result of transcendence” (Garreau 114). It is true that the person who they are innovations have created, so what technical innovations to humanity to become part of the moral as well as to consider or to humanity different? Psychiatrist Michael Hurd fact that humanity technology affect is a logical explanation gives.

Technology only human, thinking, rational brain because it is.

The human mind is our humanity, the essence and basic. The human brain, without any life-saving comfort are not what we can get. Their life-saving comfort, without civilization, all we know, as it will fall…. Humanity, without properly defined in the first place, no technology is not.

Technical optimist Ray Kurzweil, as humans explains, “is this your horizons extend that try to species – that the evolution of the cutting edge represents”. The development of technology of their own in the Horizons expansion is human and therefore, the technology of humanity, be affected by, to or for the human species, the nature of the part of the being can be said to have.

However, although the technology to humanity as part of the it can be considered for this should not be taken because these people human making features to maintain is more important. Garreau it states that “we, as humans, what are our self-understanding to somehow necessary you you without the risk courage may not be the pain the pain of personal experience without real empathy or compassion” (162).

Therefore, the Interactive Performance Lab’s executive director Jeff Worth, said it is important that the “technology of our humanity more fully to express allows, rather than overcome it” (qtd.in the new academic field). Thus, the main thing is that the human technology with what which makes humanity a huge effect on is. Deragon society technology should use them in the article states, “all of humanity for meaningful value to produce” (Deradgon). Therefore, technology should be used and humanity while protecting creation should be.

Technology is growing rapidly because it benefits people in life what you want caters to. However, technology impact on style and such ethics-related issues can lead to humanity which the nature of the change as negative ways, humanity is likely to affect is.

Despite this, at the same time, technology, human evolution, the nature or the human nature of the influence of a part, as can be understood. However, human characteristics, the importance of maintaining to impress and don’t forget should or technology captured by.

This question looking through this technology on humanity can have adverse effects, although it is human nature evolution is part of the technology as the development of the elimination is almost impossible to that can be considered. Therefore, humans “technology to all of humanity for meaningful value to create” live with purpose should be.


In conclusion, it is important to reflect on the impacts of technology on humanity. As technology advances, it is important to consider the implications of these advancements on society as a whole. It is also important to consider how technology can be used to benefit humanity as a whole. With this in mind, it is clear that technology and humanity can cross paths in a way that is beneficial for both.

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